Northeast Investigations of Portland Maine

Civil Investigations

From a business or personal issue to a disgruntled employee, Northeast investigations has conducted thousands of investigations and has the knowledge, skill and experience to get you, the client, the information you need. Our civil  professional investigators average over 20 years of investigative experience. They are highly skilled, trained and educated professionals who are considered amongst the best in the profession and are often called upon by other investigative firms to assist with their difficult investigations.

Witness Interviews

Assessing a witnesses credibility and taking their statement is an extremely important function of any investigation and should be accomplished as soon as possible. Obtaining information from witness requires effective interviewing techniques. Because an interview is neither an interrogation nor a deposition, the investigator must be able to quickly establish a rapport with a witness to extract crucial information. Northeast Investigations provides the expertise and experience to effectively obtain and examine witness statements. Our investigators are considered credible witnesses in all Maine state and Federal courts and the Maine Workers Compensation Board.

Background Checks

We use field inquiry and a variety of the most advanced information from database and social media networks available to the investigative industry to provide background checks for our clients. All of our background checks are customized to meet each clients specific needs..

Subpoena Service** 

We have served thousands of subpoenas and have extensive experience serving  them ans only use licensed professional investigators. We are on the road everyday which means we can offer cost effective rates and in some instances, same day service.** As of January 1, 2024 we ony provide subpoena service to a business location. 


We provide detailed profiling to assist our clients in every aspect of the litigation processes, as well as hiring decisions, business research and to fill many other information needs. We access databases and other sources that allow us to profile companies, key employees and others. In-depth reports can be compiled by searching millions of public records and utilizing other information resources.

GPS Tracking**

From tracking a teenagers weekend activities to monitoring the activities of fleet drivers, you can track their every movement 24/7 online. We can provide our clients with the most up to date trackers so that they can monitor a person of interest from there smart phone or computer. * Our trackers can be purchased or rented by the week or month. *All rented Trackers have a" one" week minium rental and must be reserved 'one" week in advance.

**Tracking devices may not be used to violate the privacy rights of others, or in violation of local, county, state or federal statutes. GPS tracking may be illegal in certain states. NORTHEAST INVESTIGATIONS, it's investigators, sub-contracted investigators, sub-contractors, subsidiaries, partners and suppliers assume no liability for any inappropriate use of a Tracker/s or make any warranty of the product or it's reliability.    

Expert Witness Testimony/ Consultants

We offer consulting and expert witness testimony in matters pertaining to our core competencies of investigation. Our civil  professional investigators have extensive experience with the courts and are recognized as highly credible experts in their respective discipline.

Record Retrieval

We've been doing public records research for over three decades and know exactly which sources to use including databases that are only available to licensed professional investigators.

Property Inspections/ Neighborhood Reports

We conduct residential, investment,commercial and raw land inspections to determine any hazards that may exist for liability, homeowners and insurance policies. We prepare detailed documentation for prospective property purchasers, listing information not found within standard surveyors reports. Information uncovered will include neighbors and neighborhood disputes, traffic problems at different times of day, crime rates, quality of local schools and hospitals and any other information that may be of interest or concern to a potential buyer.

Accident Investigations

Our experienced professional  investigators are trained to locate and interview potential witnesses and take their statements, as well and document an accident scene. These services can make the difference between winning and losing a case. We also have access to leading experts across the country.

Disgruntled Employee Monitoring

A company's worst problem could be a disgruntled employee. Their behavior can be unpredictable and costly. Our professional investigators are trained to monitor and diffuse a potential violent situation and the client can be assured of 24 hour protection if needed.

Personal Protection

Both individuals and organizations seek help in protecting their safety, privacy and maintaining confidentiality. We provide armed or unarmed 24 hour protection throughout Maine.

Electronic Bug Sweep Detection

Our professional investigators can sweep your business or home for hidden device, Wiretaps on telephone and fax lines, miniature video cameras in homes and offices, hidden microphones in residential homes and secretly installed GPS systems in vehicles.

Business Establishment Assessment 

In today's highly competitive marketplace a business owner needs all of the assistance they can get. Our professional investigators can inspect your retail or other business  while monitoring the quality of the customer service provided by your employees, and knowledge of the product's being sold. We also observe any blatant signs of employee theft, deception and potential liability issues and report our findings in a detailed report.

Alive and Well Checks

Who's checking on your elderly love one? Between 1 and 2 million Americans over the age of 65 have been injured, exploited or otherwise mistreated by someone whom they are depended for care. It is estimated for every 1 case of abuse reported, about "5" more cases go unreported. Only "1" in "25" financial exploitations cases are reported suggesting there may be at least "5 million" financial abuse victims each year. Our Professional investigators have the experience to spot and stop fraud and abuse in their tracks.

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